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1977 Ford F150 Noise

I got in my 1977 f150 V8 windsor the other day and headed down the road. All of a sudden I started to hear this sound that only way I can describe it is a big log chain moving around or a box of washers being moved around. I got out, popped the hood and thought at first that it was a pulley somewhere on the front of the engine, perhaps water pump pulley or something like that. The closer I got my ear to engine though I think it is coming from the back passenger side of the engine, not the front. I could be wrong about that, but I do know it is coming from the passenger side of the engine. Sometimes it will go away for 1/4 of a mile and then come back. I also noticed that it gets faster when I give it gas and slower when I don’t, which is why I was thinking it had to be one of the pullys going bad. I’m not so sure though because I think it may be coming from the passenger back part of the engine. Any ideas??

“Windsor” is a family of engines. Can you be more specific? “Windsor” only means they were originally produced at the facility in Windsor, Ontario.

Possibilities include
a starter motor not disengaging from the flywheel,
an exhaust leak (they can make funny noises…music if conditions are right)
a worn and rattling main bearing
a worn something in the valvetrain (a collapsed lifter perhaps)
perhaps even a bad mount

You can buy a mechanic’s stethescope cheap almost anywhere, and that should help isolate the source. Or, a metal tube or rod also works. Touch a noismaking component with a metal tube and the sound will propogate up the tube.

If I remember correctly it is a 351, I just got this from a friend that passed and still figuring out all the little problems with it.

I like the start motor idea, I never thought of that. The reason I’m thinking that is because I noticed that the starter was stuck or wasn’t engaging in the flywheel that past couple of times I have started it. Very possibly could be that. I’ll get a stethescope and check it out, it’s tall enough I can slide under it and put it on the starter. Thanks for the idea!

Remove the starter and inspect the flywheel/flexplate and the starter bendix.

Just wanted to update you on this. Last night I was able to take the truck out for a ride and the sound happened again as I pulled into McDonalds. Jumped out of the truck with my handy piece of fuel line beside me and slid under the truck. I’m 99.9% sure it is the starter. Going to check later tonight but I think I may have an extra starter and will toss that on.

If I don’t have an extra one, Is it possible to somehow lubricate the part of the starter that is getting stuck or should I just go down to the store and get a new one?

I would get a new one. Also, give the flywheel a look and make sure the teeth are not damaged.

Well I have to post one last comment about my experience on this one as you will not believe what I found. Not sure if I mentioned above but this is a truck that I just got a little bit ago and have a list of things to fix on it. I had replaced the oil pan gasket last week and and valve cover gaskets because this thing was leaking like crazy. When I did that I noticed that all the bolts were extremely loose. (This has been a very common thing on the truck so far.) So last night I had found the extra starter I thought I had, got on the creeper slid under to start. Looked up at the starter and it was hanging at a 40 degree angle by one bolt. I’m surprised that it was starting at all. So I tightened it all up and starts like a dream and with no change in a tin can sound. Thanks to everyone for your help! I was shocked when I realized this was it!

WOW, just goes to show you never know. I would keep an eye on it for the next few weeks to make sure the bolts dont come loose again. If you just did the oil pan gasket last week, I am sure you would have noticed the starter hanging then. So in one weeks the bolts came very loose. If it continues to be a probelm, you may want to lock-tight the bolts.

If it’s the factory engine in the truck, and it’s a 351, it’s going to be a 351M not a Windsor. The 351W didn’t show up unti the early 80’s in the F-150.

It’s not the original engine. Had a rebuilt put in around 93ish

I assume you now have a Ford starter wrench.