2000 F-150 making gringing noise sometimes when starting


Sometimes, when I go to start my truck, I push the key past ON to START, and the truck makes the most godawful grinding noise. Like…WAAAAARGH…something like that. I pull the key back, and usually it starts without the noise on the second try.

This seems to happen most in hot weather…any idea what causes this? And if I should worry about it? (Happens maybe once to twice a week.)


This sound is caused by the starter teeth not lining up properly with the teeth on the engine’s flywheel. On the second try, they will. This is a common problem in Ford’s going back to the 60’s. If it seems to happen more frequently, have a trusted mechanic look at the starter alignment. And check to see the condition of the fly wheel teeth.


Thanks, I think I’d been told this before, but just couldn’t remember. Good to know it’s expected? I guess…rather not have my car do it at all. But thanks so much!