1977 F150 Trans. Fluid Type

Hi everyone,
Instead of searching the internet and not finding a solid answer, I thought I would ask everyone here and see if I can get a solid answer. Does anyone know the trans. fluid type for my 1977 F150? It has 4x4


But what kind of transmission ?
C4 automatic ?
C6 automatic ?
NP435 4 speed manual ?
Are you putting fluid in the transfer case too ?
What size engine ?

I believe? that this vehicle requires Type F transmission fluid, like many earlier Fords. If you go to an auto store and read the label on the Type F, you will find the years this fluid applies to. Then also read a few other labels and see what Ford model years it applies to.

The guys that work there have a long list of info on fluids. Make absolutely sure you get the right fluid; Type F is only for Ford’s earlier transmissions. Using the wrong fluid will cause considerable damage. If you have an owner’s manual it will defintely state which type of fluid you need.

in 1977 the C4 automatic ( 11 bolt pan ) was rarer and still took the type F fluid.
The C6 ( 17 bolt pan )was more common and took dexron III, now Mercon.
The manual 4speed, steel case , is 90 weight.

You must identify the transmission. The FMX and C-6 and C-4 were all available in 1977 and the FMX still used type-F.

Just wanted to finally put an answer up to this. I completely forgot after I found out. The trans. was the one with the 17 bolt pattern. I forget the name at the moment. I found out that it takes Mercon.