1973 FORD BRONCO in need of body work in sarasota, florida

I was referred to a auto body guy by a bronco parts place in Colorado. He restores older broncos but he is located over 2 hours away-and works out of his home garage-he does not have a business. He said he has a trailer to pick up the truck and I feel I can trust him…but these days who knows? What can I do to protect myself and my truck? Any advice REALLY APPRECIATED!

You are in Florida and the guy is in Colorado? Or is the guy in Florida too? Surely you don’t need to have someone in Colorado do body work such as quarter panel replacement do you? At any rate the first is to look at a couple of happy customers as reference. What kind of tools he has, experience, the type of paint he uses, and so on. Bodywork is a skill though so just because he has paint and brushes doesn’t mean he can’t paint a good picture. So you have to look at his work and have it evaluated by a professional. You can always get a performance bond on the guy and he can always get a mechanics lein on the Bronco if you don’t pay him. I would seriously question why you want to do this on a Bronco though. They were never that great to begin with.

Thank u for ur reply to my post. The auto body guy is in florida but he does body work on the side he’s a carpentry by trade. Sorry was not very clear in my post. I mentioned giving my truck to this guy to neighbor and he told me to beware. He took his boat to a “home garage” guy and weeks later when he went to pick up his boat the guy was gone with his boat and he never found him. My neighbor scared me so I just wanted to know how I can protect myself ahead of time so I don’t experience the same. As for the “greatness” of the Bronco. I bought it in 1997 in California is was in excellent condition and mechanically it still is! The problem is the floor pan, behind the wheels and exterior is rusting. Otherwise this baby is stock and has run like a clock from the moment I bought it. It’s a strong, great truck Only options thus far is taking to a maaco or a classic car place. Afraid the Maaco guys will use bondo and can’t afford the prices of a classic car restoration place. So there u have it! thanks again.