1972 Volkswagen Van - adding second battery

Good to buy a second battery, place on LEFT side of engine room as auxiliay with cut off switch to maib batt…use as hot start muscle only?
Does yer law firm need a clerk in the backroom? I,M GUD AT LOUSY LEGAL RESEARCH…will work for food.

You might be good at research but your writing skills need work.


This van has enough trouble dragging ONE battery down the road, I would not want to add the burden of a second. If yout battery won’t reliably start the engine, replace the battery/


Ummm I don’t know what I’m supposed to write here…


If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

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Why do you think you need a second battery?

Bing - Actually I thought that Carolyn or John would have sent the original post back into cyberspace .
The last sentence kind of puts it in the Troll under the bridge category.

What was wrong with @Honda_Blackbird’s response? The last two sentences are not easy to understand from the new poster. If he had been around for a while, it might be easier to undstand based on past posts.

In short nothing. He said he didn’t know what to write in reaction to the OP’s question. I agreed it was a garbled question and would be easy to make a snarky comment about. So I just used the old comment that Howard used to tell Kathy years ago to remind myself too to not make a snarky comment. I guess it was all lost in the translation. I’ll try harder next time to make sense.

LOL… Does anyone want to see what a comment from me would look like if I intentionally decided to write something that truly was “not nice” ? Because that wasn’t it, I can assure you…

I knew Bing was joking around. I’m going to have to agree with many others that this entire thread (as exceedingly taxing on the upper echelons of my mental capacity as it was), should make the trip to the round filing cabinet.

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Who are Howard and Kathy?