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What happens when you tailgate


actual accident on I89. New Hampshire State Police say a driver who didn’t slow down on Interstate 89 struck a car and his vehicle ended up partially underneath it.

Appears the cars could have continued down the highway for a bit this way, but visibility would be bad.


Yeah I saw that once. Not as severe but the car in front was at a 30 degree angle and the car behind was past the rear tires of the car ahead. I chalked it up to bad shocks on the car in front as well as tail gating. Big ole Chrysler.

Pit manuever by tailgater, people are crazy! Sure I have been stuck behind drivers that slow down traffic in lockstep I think because they feel they are doing a service by not letting anyone speed, Not my way of thinking, but then neither is a pit maneuver.

My take on Barky’s video…the car in the left lane made a poor choice. Also, the car to the right of him could have seen he was in a precarious position and sped up or slowed down to get out of it.

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The tailgater is a menace and needs to be arrested


When a tailgater gets behind me I turn my parking lights on and off every now and then. To the tailgater it looks like I’m hitting my brakes. It’s funny when the tailgater then hits his brakes. They will soon back off or go around.

I do the same.

The jails in NH and MA would be full.

I’ve lived here in NH for almost 35 years now…and I’m still not use to the tailgaters. I’m amazed there aren’t more accidents like that.

Simple solution don’t hog the left lane

Gpierce, don’t understand why you directed your comment to Pat. The video showed a left lane moron but Pat only referenced Tail Gating. Tail Gating is not lane specific.

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But crap like you see in that video happens everywhere…2 lane roads all the way up to multiple lane highways

Personally I ignore tailgaters. I go as steady a speed as traffic will allow and that reduces the odds of getting hit.

However, that picture posted by the OP was NOT due to tailgating. The speed differential from tailgating would not be great enough for one car to go under the other. There was a good deal of speed difference for this to happen which means the car in front was nearly stopped and the car in back was traveling at a pretty good clip. Both had their brakes on though because that would lift the rear of the front car and dip the nose of the rear car.

that was my thought also. But the rear car could have been tailgating when the front car had to slam on the brakes. A bit of inattention on the rear driver and bingo.

In my younger days, I drove a ford truck with 3 speed manual. I would drop a gear and dump the clutch. No brake light warning for them. There is probably a good reason why my clutch and transmission never lasted very long :slight_smile: I ate them up so much I kept a spare in the garage. I got to the point I could do a transmission/clutch job in just a few hours.

I have a friend who will pull his auto tranny down from D to second gear when a tailgater is bugging him.

Why, for pete’s sake? He wants to cause extra wear and tear on his transmission when just touching the brake pedal or increasing his speed might solve the problem.

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For Pete’s sake, he was teaching the tailgaters a life’s lesson: When you tailgate you can run up a tailpipe in the blink of an eye. Some folks know and some need to be hit in the head with a 2x4.

First of all for the past 20 years or so, cars have had the third brake light, not to mention brake lights are brighter than tail lights. So that ole practice really doesn’t do much to a tail gater except irritate them more. Its like two people insulting each other to the point where it comes to blows. Who started it doesn’t matter, they are both as guilty for allowing the conflict to escalate, no?

I usually just maintain my speed and try to turn off, change lanes, or otherwise get them off my tail as soon as I can. Plus I keep a more watchful eye up ahead to avoid any quick moves. Had one yesterday going 60 in a 55 on a two lane coming back from the lumber yard. Heavily patrolled so no way I’m going faster. OTOH, you never know why they are in a hurry. Maybe just idiots, but maybe needing to get some place fast, like the hospital. Who knows?

Because being a vigilante cop is always the answer :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Sorry, it never makes sense to try to kill someone. There was a clown tailgating me about 35 years ago on the highway. I tapped my brakes and he swerved to the left. We were approaching an overpass as this happened. The other driver almost lost control and would gone down a hill between the north and south lanes, careening onto the highway and would likely to have died, and may well have taken a lot of drivers on the road below with him. Last time. Ever. Scream all you want about the idiot behind you, but don’t take the chance of killing him.