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1971 Cutlass rear suspension not level

Hi everyone,

I just recently purchased a 1971 Cutlass, 355, 4 Speed manual. It drives well after a tune up and a complete brake service. The car is equipped with an air suspension in the rear, more like two air bags with one air stem. I noticed that the left side of the vehicle is lower than the right side, when looking towards the trunk. Do I need to replace the spring, the shock, the suspension? What else may cause this? My drive way is not leveled, would that cause the difference in height? Any suggestion or recommendation would help.

Thank you, Alex

Common problem that one brake sags more than the others on old GM cars. It is not always easy, however, to determine whether the problem is in the front or the back. A sagging front spring will make the back appear to be out of level.

You may have to do some careful measuring and testing to be sure, and you will need to buy springs in matched pairs.

Thank you, I did not know that the front spring can affect the back level. Will have to check it out.