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Car not sitting level side to side

1998 Lincoln Town car will not sit level side to side. Was sitting lower on driver side with air bags , i went to coil springs and still has about 3 inch difference side to side . Driver side sits normal now and level with front but passenger side real high . Seems to be an equalizer that pivots on the 3rd member that keeps both sides moving together in anti roll motion . I wonder if it is splined and can be adjusted there ?

That ‘equalizer’ is the anti-roll bar. It’s job is to keep the suspension from pitching the car too much while turning. It is in a fixed position and not splined. It will not have any effect on side-to-side level.

I’d focus on the springs and shocks. A weak spring or bent shock will throw off the level. I’m also wondering if one of the springs is properly seated.

I was thinking perhaps a frozen shock, at either end of the vehicle. I had one once that was frozen solid. Would not compress one iota.

If you replaced the air spings it meant you had to jack up the vehicle. Sometimes when a vehicle is raised and the suspension is allowed hang where the shock absorber is hyper extended this can mess the valving up in the shock absorber. Then when the vehicle lowered back to the ground, the shock absorber doesn’t compress. But instead, stays at that hyper extended position preventing the suspension to return to it’s normal ride height.


A bent sway bar will affect the height side to side, that is it can cause one side to be higher than the other. But it takes a lot of force over a large range to bend one so I don’t see that happening on the vehicle.

Spring steel won’t bend if overstressed; it’ll snap. To be bent, a sway bar would have to first be annealed and then re-treated back into a spring.