1970 VW Bug



A friend of mine needs a auto stick cervo for a 1970 VW bug. That part helps with the shifting. The friend lives in AZ, Phoenix. If anyone knows where a junk yard is for parts basically anyplace, or knows where to find this part please tell me. Also if you or anyone is willing to sell it pleases give me the contact information that my friend would need to get in contact with you. NOTE…that you do not need to live in Phoenix AZ. Basicly she will get in contact with you and make a deal to buy it and how to get it to her.


sorry, I forgot to add my e-mail. Sandrockgeno@gmail.com . So sorry about that.


I know of a few sources here in Oklahoma for stuff like this but don’t remember the phone numbers off the top of my head. A net search should pull them up.
One is Bethany Imports in Oklahoma City and the other is Lexington Auto Salvage in Lexington, OK. Both are long time VW salvage yards and ship UPS, etc.

Just curious though. What are the symptoms? The auto stick servos seldom go bad and there are a number of things that can make someone think the servo is the problem.


A friend of mine has a junkyard with a few HUNDRED VWs, mostly air-cooled. Problem is that we’re in Pennsylvania. Shall I hook you up? Let me know and I’ll make the contact for you. Rocketman


I would like the number and/or adress of this place please. Thank you very much for the info.

Note - a part has been found, or lest i was told. But i would still like the info you or anyone else may have.


I’m not really sure. All i was told was to find this part so…i don’t know exactly what happen to the first part on the VW. Ill ask and see if I can get any more info. Thank you for the places.


The Number One problem when it comes to shifting problems on the Auto Stick cars are the contact points in the gearshift lever. This often leads to hard shifting and gear grinding. It is solved by removing the lever, filing the burned surfaces down, reassembling, and adjusting the gap/shifter as necessary.

After that, potential trouble areas are:
Intake manifold and servo hose vacuum leaks. (Hopefully engine is in good shape.)
Disc out of adjustment.
Servo adjustment needed. (this usually causes a slow shift or an RPM flare as it shifts.)


Go here: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/shops/search.php and search for AZ. I’m sure there’s a good VW junkyard somewhere near you, although keep in mind that autostick parts have been hard to come by for a long time, and any autostick cars that are languishing in junkyards are very likely to have been picked over.

You should definitely make absolutely sure that the servo’s what’s wrong and that you can’t fix it before you start going on your parts search. The autostick is a very unique piece of machinery and the expertise to properly diagnose one is becoming rarer and rarer. Some of the posters here seem to know a thing or two about them, so you you should try posting your symptoms and what you’ve tried here. I was also going to suggest posting them at the www.thesamba.com 1968+ Beetle forum.


I’ll give him your e-mail this weekend. Rocketman