1969 mustang


pros and cons of buying one.


Pros: They are pretty cool old cars.

Cons: You are probably going have to spend a few bucks to own a nice one.


cons are it could be total rust bucket under a lot of bondo. Before dropping real money into one it should be completely checked by a professional restorer.


Nothing I can add to those comments except do not allow infatuation to cloud your judgement on the price.


True, never buy a rusty car; you won’t be able to preserve it without spending a ridiculous amount of money.


I should add that my previous post holds true to all old classics. domestic or import.


Just about everything built before the late 70s is very susceptible to rust, be very careful buying anything that old. Most brands started to get better in the 80s, but you still need to check.


Pros would be the styling and performance. Very nice 3rd body style, loved the fastback. Depends on condition and engine. The 390 or 428 would make it irresistable.


Most Mustangs of this era are hidden meccas of rust: either now or in the near future…However there are folks around the country who are skilled in replacing nearly every panel and frame component in the car…at a significant dip into your wallet. However how many 69 Mustangs are left? As previously posted, try not to let your infatuation overrule your logic, but WTH…it’s a Mustang.


Check to see if the fenders are touching the hood or if the gap is narrow. The bigger engines cause the unibody to bend after a lot of years. Check the negative cable for cracking and change it if necessary. Brake service will be easy.