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1968 Barracuda

I have a 68’ Barracuda that I am looking to sell but I have no idea what it’s worth. It is the non-hemi version and at this time it does NOT run. It has all the original parts and emblems. It also has a little bit of rust damage but nothing major. It was my fathers car and I do not really want to part with it except I do not have the time and/or money to get it back into shape. Anyone know what it might be worth? I have someone interested in buying it but I don’t want to short sale myself or try to get to much for it. Thanks!

What engine and transmission IS installed in the car??

“Classic Cars” are bought and sold through Hemmings Motor News and eBay. Here is one in operating condition that sold for $3500. So figure yours at $1500 maybe.

The People who tell you “That car is worth a lot of money” never have any money. The high-water mark on eBay was a '68 convertible Barracuda, 383 4V, 4-speed, professionally restored to “as new” condition, $15,000

You’ll need to give us some more information. Which engine, exactly? 2 or 4 bbl carb? Which transmission? Why doesn’t it run (what’s wrong with it)? What is the condition of the interior? You can also get an idea by going to ebaymotors and looking at Barracudas for sale there, seeing what ones like yours sell for. If you find one there that’s very similar to yours, post the link back here and we can take a look.

edit - if there’s any way to get it running, you’ll get a lot more money for it.

My “Old Car Report” price guide shows a 1968 Barracuda going for $880 for parts (not driveable) to $22,000 fully restored, original specs and in concourse condition. In between, your car, running and not too rusted out would fetch about $2600 maximum. The value of a so-called classic is mostly the labor and parts that went into restoring it. The Barracuda was a neat car, but it will never get the price that a Classic Mustang gets.

Put it on ebay motors with a $1.00 reserve and $1.00 starting bid. It will sell in a week and at a price the market will bear. Your friend can participate in the bidding – you may get more than you expect or he may get it for less than he expected.


I hate to think how much money the seller put into that $15k Barracuda - $30k, easy!

I own 4 - 68 Cudas.
1 notchback and 3 convertibles.
I am guessing yours is not a convertible as you would have mentioned that in your description.
That being the case a “Fastback” is worth more than a “Notchback” (I personally like the notchback better)
I paid $2,500 for a 340 motor (original 318 motor), notchback car in rough shape, not much rust but an entirely shot interior.
$3,500 is probably the high for a car in that condition and that is if the glass is all good.
If it is a Fastback then the back hatch glass condition will make a big difference.
And don’t take a beater Mustang in trade as you will have lost in the deal.