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1967 Toyota Stout

Why is this not a car choice? Can it be added?

@cdaquila would be the best to answer that question, These were sold in the U.S. at the time as the light stout before Toyota switched to the Hilux model. If you have a specific question about this truck feel free to ask. Was a somewhat rare truck when new in the US though.


Yea it is what I have.

Toyota Pickup is the closest you’re going to get with the current menu. That’s what the trucks were called here until 1995 when it changed to the Toyota Tacoma

Don’t worry about it. Put all the info you can in your post.

It not a choice because it is about as common as a Hupmobile.
Sure it could be added but why? See above.


I have been a car nut for 50+ years, and have never heard of it. That tells you something about its rarity.

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It is not a car choice because it is a small truck. Only 4 were sold the first year it was offered in the US.
Besides it is not that hard to put a description in a post .

Same reason there’s not a Guinness car choice!

And WOW! I didn’t even know they had a brewery!

I drink Guinness® Stout, but I’d be more than willing to taste the Toyota® Stout. :beer:

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How can I get help with my Cugnot steamer if it isn’t a category?

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I read that the car in front of the Treasury building on the back of the $10 is a 1928 Hupmobile.

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Sorry, I needed a day to get an answer for you because I didn’t know where the make/model names came from. Turns out they’re periodically scraped from a database of one of our partner sites. At one time I know I could add models, but it appears that’s been disabled for me now. I asked my colleague to look into it. Sorry — hope you get some helpful info.

(Thanks, @wolyrobb).


No worries. thanks for the update.

I think it’d be fun to have every possible car, including imaginary cars, such as the Tucker. Subaru 360 anyone? Citroën Mehari? I rode in one once.

I have a framed poster on my office wall with 2600 names of vehicle companies from the last 8 years .

So maybe that might be a little too much.

I don’t think those tags actually do much. Suggest to ignore them. Just type the make/model/year in the title & a brief description of the problem. You’ll usually get some ideas here.

Well it’s just very odd that during signup it makes it seem so important.

Something on the internet seems odd? … lol …

For years people have been criticized for not including the year, make and model in the post. The OP then states that they entered the information into the scroll down but it did not appear in the post. This has not worked for many years and it is not going to get fixed.