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1967 Cadillac Eldorado compared with 1985 Eldorado Biarritz

Both cars have nice styling cues. I looked at two models this weekend. Any thoughts on these? things to look for? strengths? weaknesses? Thanks!

You asked the same question a couple of weeks ago. Are you looking for an answer you agree with or what?

If you’re going to get a classic Cadillac do it right and go for the 1959 Coupe De Ville. Extravagant fins is where it’s at.

Not exactly – but close. One car was an 85, but the other was a 76. This is a 1967 model.

Is the 1967 a coupe or convertible? I prefer the 1967 style-wise. It also has a lot more powerful engine. The older Eldo makes a statement that the newer one cannot. The 1967 is also unique in that it was the first yer for FWD.

The '85 is a POS compared to the '67 Eldo…The Eldo will demand lots of expensive gasoline and a complete tune-up once a year unless the ignition has been converted to electronic. A GM HEI is the best, out of a '75-'79 big block Caddy…

Thanks for the advice and responses. They are appreciated.

I like the late-70’s early 80’s El Dorado’s okay and one would be a fun cushy car to bomb around in, but the '67 is truly a classic. I’d imagine the '67 should be much more expensive than the '85, though.

Oh that changes things. I must have been in dyslexic mode.

I’d have to vote for the '67.

Do you prefer Dagmars 67 or not Dagmars 85?
The Caddy 85 has TBI and an O2 sensor for fuel efficiency.
Otherwise both are junk.

Junk is seldom still on the road after 32 years…