1966 Volvo P1800

I have a Volvo P1800 I am restoring. The problem I have is the brakes don’t work. The brake peddle does to the floor so I think and have read that this is due to the master brake cylinder. I removed the to of the master reservoir and found it is bone dry but the main reservior is full? Can anyone expain why this is if the seals have failed surley there would still be brake fluid in the master reservior???

There’s a separate ‘master reservoir’ and ‘main reservoir’? Are you sure they’re both for the brake system? Usually there’s only one brake reservoir.

I feel very silly I realise I thought the clutch master cylinder was part of the break system. My face is very red at the moment. Thanks.

No problem. If this is an old brake system (not restored in the last 10 years), I’d replace the master cylinder and wheel cylinders/calipers, and carefully inspect all brake lines. This in one system that you absolutely want to work, every time.