1965 Dodge Dart Door Locks

I need to replace the door locks in my 1965 Dodge Dart, but am not able to find the parts for that year car. I am however able to find door locks for 1966 and newer…does anyone know if those locks would work in a 1965?


Do you have a copy of Hemmings Motor News? Or have you gone to Hemmings.com? These should be available.

There must be some difference but can’t imagine why. Go to Rockauto.com and under 66 Dart, exterior body, door lock, they have a picture of the '66 version. See if the cam or mounting is different from what you have. You may have to just do a little redesign to make them fit.

From what I can tell, the '63-'66 Darts were all pretty similar, so I’d think the '66 locks would work with the '65. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Dart#1963.E2.80.931966

From what I have gathered additionally, the 66 has a different hole in the door than the 65. I think one may be round and the other may have a flat spot. I believe the hole can be made to fit though.

I do remember there being very little difference between 1965 and 1966. Both were very primitve locks with the pin sticking out of the door ledge. On the hardtop it takes about 1 minute to get a coat hanger inside the car and pull the pin up.