1964 Ford Truck listing to starboard


My '64 Ford F100 pick up truck is “listing to starboard” – the right side of the truck (front to rear) is an inch lower than the left side (I measured at the wheel wells and bumpers). Truck has 85,750 miles, 292 V8 engine and 3 speed o/d manual trans. No rust and drives fine. I am thinking the springs are the culprit, but how can I tell which one(s) are sagging? I’v also heard that it may not be the springs, but may be the king pins. How can I tell? Thanks.


1964? Two wheel drive???

You may have either a busted leaf in the rear leaf bundle or a busted final coil in the front spring. Only from under the car can the culprit be found.


It’s two wheel drive and has leaf springs all around (last of the solid front axle Ford Trucks).


I’m gonna go with a busted leaf. It isn’t unheard of.