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Steering issue on F250 Superduty after alignment

Have a 2000 with 126,277 miles. Bought two new tires for front and tire shop told me I needed an alignment. I asked for rec. and went there. Work done: alignment, 2 new shocks, new upper/lower ball joints, new camber/caster sleeve as well as a front brake job.

Steering was always a little loose but since this work it feels as if I am driving a pontoon boat - as if I am drifting on the tides. I took it back to that shop and they insist that it is just fine. I told them if I died in this truck I would haunt them forever.

Any ideas on why the huge change in the feel?

The first thing I would look at would be the alignment specs, which are unknown to me. It sounds like you’re describing a severe wander and that could be caused by the caster, camber, or even the toe being off quite a bit.

Other possibilities could be a binding suspension part for whatever reason or a dragging brake.

What was the reason for this camber/caster sleeve? One side only?

If I recall correctly mechanic said that one was faulty (split maybe? cannot recall). Said it must have been put in incorrectly during prior work on truck. Only there was no prior work on truck.

Most of the ink on the spec list is in teal or pick and the majority is illegible at this time.

An alignment shop should never dismiss a customer’s complaint regarding poor handling with the excuse that it is within spec. A good front end man understands the geometry and physics of automobile suspensions and adjusts the vehicle to handle properly. With only the information given my impression is the shop is more talented at selling repair work than properly accomplishing it.

I’ll be taking truck to a different shop to see if they can figure out what’s gone wrong because I am not comfortable driving it as it is now.

thanks all