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1964 Cadillac DeVille - Worth How Much?

I have my Grandfathers “1964 2 door Cadillac Coupe De Ville . With 46,000 miles. “. Aqua blue color. The car has been kept in a heated garage all these years. Grandparents were “ snow birds” the car was never driven in snow. It’s in mint condition . This car also was used twice a year fall and spring to drive my sister to Emerson College in Boston , MA. We don’t know how much the car is worth and we would like to sell it to a car enthusiasts:) or a car Museum. Thank you for your assistance, much appreciated.

I doubt if a museum would be interested in this vehicle . Look at the online Hemmings listings and see if anyone has a vehicle like yours for sale. Also check to see if you have a classic vehicle dealer or restorer near you. I think you will find it is not as valuable as you think.

You can google 1964 Cadillac coupe Deville for sale. This will being up such vehicles from a variety of venues to give you an idea of value. Though I have not dealt with any of them, there are consignment dealers everywhere. Two big ones are streetside classics and gateway classics.

Your problem is a lack of knowledge about how to even approach this, right? There a people who can help you do this. They will help identify what you have, its real value and get the car listed in the best place to sell the car - likely a vintage car auction or consignment dealer.

Hagerty vintage car insurance has a website that can value your car. Check this link. Not sure it it will work for you. You may have to create an ID.

What you own is known as a “survivor car” or a car in un-restored condition. The best of the best of these cars, restored, is worth about $28,000. A survivor could be valued in that range or somewhat less depending on overall condition.

Companies like these can help you with the process.

In my part of the country there are specialty car consignment car dealers that will take the car on consignment, help you value it and handle all the paperwork, for a fee, of course. Good Luck