1961 Dodge Lancer


I am having problems finding restoration parts for my 1961 Lancer. I foiund someone to do the work but he says I have to get the parts. The car is in great mechanical condition - and it seems all I can find are mechanical parts! I need a new front and back windshield, weatherstripping and trim to start with - the existing windows have white fogging and they leak. Any recommendations about where to look would be appreciated. I have searched the web but had no success.


Other than Hemmings Motor News, you might do a net search and check with the following.
CTC Auto Ranch in Denton, TX.
Texas Acres in Killeen, TX. (strictly Mopar)

Cool car and you need to hang on to that one. Mopar cars of this era, due to their oddball styling, are becoming very desireable and the price is climbing.


This is a twin to the Valiant, except for some minor trim differences in the grille and trunklid, tail lights, etc. The windows are the same. Keep looking through e-bay - you can set up a favorite search and update it often. Also search for collector forums, where you can find people as crazy as you are who might have pieces you want. I owned one of these in the later 60’s - pretty good car.