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No power options, want to upgrade

Hi, all - I have a 1967 Dodge Coronet that’s not in good enough shape to fully restore to like-original condition, but with decent enough frame and body and interior to get pretty close. It’s a 4-speed R/T with no power brakes or power steering. I’m going to try and change this, and was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to give me a list of things to get from the junkyard or aftermarket to add all the parts to end up with PS and PB. I know I need pumps and brackets and hoses and pulleys, and I know I can get them from any Plymouth or Dodge or Chrysler “B-Body” with the same engine, but don’t know what (if any) other parts I might need. If it matters, I’m going to put 4-wheel disc brakes on it, haven’t decided which brand / kit yet.

PS, I might just buy another ‘donor’ car and cannibalize it. Thoughts?


Those cars could be upgraded. Buying a donor car with those options would be the best option. Then find an older mechnic who has worked on these vehicles to get the work done. 4 wheel disk brakes were unknown in those days, and will require custom work. This will require a really good mechanic. I would personally stick with front disks only and save a lot of hassle.

Ha Ha Ha hahahahahahaaaaaahhhhh…Lots of luck finding a donor car…Parts for these cars might as well be made out of GOLD…Salvage yards don’t keep cars for 45 years…The ones that still exist are prized by their owners. They ALL have been “upgraded” to 440 Magnum or Hemi configuration because that’s where the big bucks are… There are undoubtedly sources for the parts you need to “upgrade” your car…The brackets, the steering box and linkage, the belts and pulleys, the brake power booster and master cylinder…it’s just a matter of MONEY, lots of money…

Caddyman’s over-effusively correct :wink:

For the money you’d spend doing this, you might as well buy a new car. You could probably get a Lexus for it.

While I’m afraid they’re right, you might find a ‘classics’ Mopar board, somebody might have some ideas. There were lots of parts interchangeability for those, so some beat-up 4-door could have the parts you need. Ebay will be your friend in this, I imagine.

PS - no ‘frame’ on these, pretty sure they were unit construction, so check carefully for rust.

Mopar Muscle magazine has tech articles that may be helpful.