1960's Kaiser Jeepster Question

Am contemplating buying a Kaiser Jeepster (1966-71). The ‘Commando’ version with the metal roof is most desirable, since I live in a wet climate. But I wonder if it is possible to adapt the rag-top ‘Roadster’ version by removing the faux trunk and installing the proper holes for the bolts to go through to anchor a metal roof. It seems the convertible versions might be less desirable and therefore perhaps a better bargain. Anyone with experience with one of the ‘Roadsters’ is encouraged to chime in.

I owned one in 1970 – complete junk! It was horrible as a new car. Of all the cars I’ve owned this was easily the worst. Buick V6 that just won’t run on a rainy day. The transfer case would bind up and not move out of 4wd back to 2wd. Electrical problems, chinsy body, choppy ride, extreme body roll in corners. I never owned a Yugo, but I actually think a Yugo was a better car than the Jeepster.

Are you suggesting that you hope to enhance the value of the Kaiser by fashioning a Mickey-Moused hardtop onto it?

Sorry, but that type of project won’t improve the Jeepster’s value… if anything it’ll reduce it, because it’ll no longer be original but modified, and not in a good way.

But good luck to you anyway.

In my experience, convertibles are always more valuable. When the top goes down, the price goes up.

Were they still calling them Kaisers by the late '60s?