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1936 Ford Coupe Care

What is the best way to maintain the interior and exterior of a 1936 Ford coupe?

The exterior has a black laquer finish.

The interior is the original mohair upholstery.

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Keep the exterior waxed with a top flight product. I’m not sure if newer blends will damage the finish, but higher percentages of Carnauba wax are a good thing. Keeping the car waxed will reduce the aging effects of UV light and the weather.

Best thing you can do is keep it in a garage. Exposure to sunlight will not be good for the mohair.

You may want to get yourself a copy of Hemmings Motor News. It will have lots of information about caring for an old car.

Thank you for the link, it was very helpful!

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the information!

Thanks for taking time to reply. Hemmings does seem to have a lot of information.