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1926 Chevrolet 1-ton truck

My grandfather has had his Uncle’s 1926 Chevrolet 1 ton truck ever since I can remember and in the 17 or so years since I can remember it, about the only thing he has done insofar as restoring it has been rebuilding the wooden cab and repainting the chassis. The last time he had it running was probably 25 years ago but with some luck it should still start up after everything is hooked back up. My question is if anybody knows a much about the pre-stovebolt chevys. I have found some parts through and found bits and pieces of information here and there but not as much as I would like. A couple specific things I would like to know are: where can we find somebody that does babbitt bearings, is there anywhere we could get carburetor parts, etc. Anyone?

Tiplatt, You will find all kinds of info and support at forums such as Chevy Talk, Chevy Chat, et al. Chevy Talk has model/year specific forums and those guys know who does babbitt bearings and where the pre-stovebolt parts are.

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