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191,000 miles what can I do to make my ride last as long as possible?

I have a 2001Grand Marquis that I just bought last month, I mostly use it just to commute two work which is around 40 miles round trip about 4you to 6you days a week. I went online and printed out the owners manual but it only tracks a car to 150,000 miles and I am not mechanically inclined so I wanted to ask for a checklist of things to get checked out and prolong my cars life, I cannot afford a new or used car, and as far as I know the car runs fine, carfax checked out and the previous owner said it was his fathers company car which got fixed immediately after anything went wrong. Any info would be helpful and I can supply anymore info on request if I know it. Thanks

4 to 6you weeks, auto correct sorry.

Wow 4 to 6 days lol.

Go to the maintenance list and figure out the miles/months recommended interval for each of the services, and just extend things from where you are. Do you know when the last full change of fluids occurred (oil, transmission, coolant, brake, and power steering, along with air, oil, and transmission filters)? If not, have that done. Have you had a mechanic that you trust inspect it? Do that, too.

Just worry about the normal maint issues until you hear noises or have neg side effects. You don’t want to spend frivolous money on an old car either. As long as the safety things are in order, just wait. Brakes/tires/battery/ect.

Sounds like you’re on the right track to making it last. Just keep up the maintenance and repairs as needed and it will probably last a long time. Most cars would last much longer if the owners would simply keep check of fluid levels and keep up with maintenance. I have 1 car with over 518K miles and still going and have owned and known of several cars with 300-500K miles. I’d recommend an oil change at least every 5K miles if not more often. As with any car this age/mileage you’re going to have some problems, but if you repair them as soon as you know about them they’re not likely to do other unforeseen damage.

I appreciate all the help and I will do all that you guys have recommended. I will use the mechanics reviews on this site to find a mechanic for me. Thanks again, austin.

You are now the proud owner of a Ford “Panther” platform car, shared with Crown Victorias and Town Cars…Made from 1992 to 2012, they are some of the most reliable cars ever made…But nothing lasts forever…However taxis can go 350K miles before they give up on them…

If your car has the air-ride rear suspension, that can be troublesome when the rubber “springs” or the airlines that feed them start to leak…Fortunately, they can be replaced inexpensively with steel coil springs…The automatic transmissions all fail at some point, yours could be getting near that point…The bodies seldom have rust problems, but on the older models, the steel brake lines running along the frame can corrode and fail, a difficult and expensive repair…So have those lines inspected and then perhaps spray them with a anti-corrosion coating like Boeshield T-9.

The Panthers have their own forum, where every detail of their maintenance and operation is discussed…Factory service manuals can be had on eBay…

Have fun and good luck with it…

As for the maintenance schedule, you just restart it at 150k miles. You are now at 191k on hte car so that will put you at 41k on the maintenance schedule. 191-150=41

That platform is used extensively by local law enforcement up here. I bet if you could talk to one of their mechanics they would give you a pretty good idea of what it takes to keep slapping the hard miles on them. I remember there was quite a bit of nostalgia when GM quit making the Caprice with the LT1 (Impala SS for civilians) and the law went to the Crown Vic as their vehicle of choice. I owned one of these cars in the 90s and it was the closest thing I’d ever experienced to driving a motorcycle, for sheer power and acceleration. I was lucky I lived in Saskatchewan at the time and there was lots of flat, straight and empty roads (except around harvest time). What a blast that car was…

My easy method, If it goes to 150k, pretend it is zero and go per manual, ie 180k = 30k.

Adding to the good suggestions aready made, I would keep up the normal maintenance, Change transmission fluid and filter very 40,000 miles, engine coolant every 50,000 miles and just keep driving. I have ridden in these cars (as taxis) with over 500,000 miles on them. In police service they see several years of hard service and any cop will testify to their endurance.

In addition, parts are readily vailable and not too expensive. There is a 10 year old Crown Victoria down the street owned by a retired chap. It still looks great.