12 inch tires


You can buy any part for a Geo Metro…but where do you get the 12 inch tires?

Does anyone know? I am in R.I.


When I had a car with 12" tyres I bought them at my local tyre shop. The ones I got were designed for house trailers.

Go to any tire shop. They will order for you.

I agree.

My only comment is that upsizing your rims to 13" along with tires will open up an entire ocean of choices (inexpensive at that) for your vehicle. I think it may be less expensive to get four steel 13" rims and tires than get four 12" tires.

Check the local John Deere dealer :slight_smile: Seriously any tire store can get you 12 inch tires for your shrinermobile. Most probably won’t stock them, but they can be ordered.

Go talk to a tire store and as suggested already, have them quote new or used 13" wheels and tires. Since 13" is more common, it may be cheaper to get a full set than to just get 12" tires.

Excellent suggestion. Hopefully someone makes an aftermarket rim that will fit a Metro!

Does changing to 13" rims and tires affect the car in any adverse way. I would assume you all think not to suggest it. But I am wondering why the guy at the tire place who couldn’t find any in his system didn’t suggest that. My mechanic didn’t either. I am not against the idea but want to make sure it won’t hurt anything.

It may affect the speedometer reading, whether reading slower or reading faster I can’t say.

That depends on the size tire you put on it. www.carbibles.com has a calculator that will enable you to select a comparable rolling radius in a 13" size. Since the rim itself will be 1" larger in diameter, it won’t interfere with the brakes or anything similar. It’ll go over them fine.

Your critical considerations in getting a replacement rim are proper lug pattern, proper rim width, and proper offset. The store where you get the wheels can help you with this.

What I don’t understand is why the tires are so unavailable.
There seem to be a lot of metros for sale on different sites on line and they are very popular and long lasting autos.
Does anyone know why this is such a problem?

Cars even in the 80’s rarely were equipped with 12" rims hence the lack of choice. It makes no sense for a tire maker to sell something for a small % of the market.

And all the “newer” Metro’s have 13 inch wheels.