112 deg and suddenly my cart won't start.....heat stroke on a car?


Well, not sure I can blame the heat. Everything turns (lights, alarm, doors etc), but when I try to start, I hear what sounds like a small motor running down, then stops. Turn the ignition-nothing. Not even the sound of the motor tryng to turn.

Put a load tester on and it read low.

Ignition switch, batts or who knows???

Mercury Villager, 1996.

Thanks all!


If a load test indicates low voltage, then you should believe it. Your battery apparently has enough juice left in it for the systems that require less power than the starter, but not enough to power the starter motor. More batteries are killed by excessive heat than by cold temperatures, and most likely yours has succumbed to the heat.


How old is the battery? That would be my first guess and if is four years or more old, I would just replace it.

BTW when was the last time you checked the electrolyte level in the battery?


Borrow a battery and try that. If it starts, it’s your battery or battery cables. Replace battery cables and/or battery.


Before you run out and buy a battery, try removing cleaning (Wire brush) the terminal connections and cable connectors (also at starter) before replacing them wrench tight.


It does sound like the battery is bad or it is low due to a charging problem. I recommend you have the charging system checked also if you haven’t done that already.


Batt is 4 yrs so I just went ahead and got a new one. NADA!


Tried mthe jump with same result - I’m not going anywhere this weekend!


Did that before anything else so got new batt - it’s hot under the hood at these temps…WATER!!!


Well, I’m now going to check what I can…harnessess/wiring, solenoid etc. If I were a rich man…but I’m not so I must or else I’ll bust!


Levels were good actually - thought it might have “boiled” over or something but no…