10 features most wanted (but not yet available) in a new car

Click and Clack mentioned a page on the website regarding 10 features most wanted (but not yet available) in a new car. Does anyone know where I can find this page? I have some ideas I’d really like to share. Thanks. Tom C of Brighton Michigan

Never mind. Found it. Go to Car Info / Owning / Top Ten Lists. I’m not as bright as my brother, but he didn’t even bother to look. Tom C

Most wanted feature: Anti-knucklehead device that prevents driving while (1) drunk, (2) texting, (3) yakking on cell phone, (4) applying makeup, shaving, or reading the newspaper.

Hating Windows Operating system over the years, I want cars without computers that can be fixed and repaired without thousands of dollars of testing equipment and specials tools. kind of like the 70’s cars.

A full size electric car with a battery range of 300 miles that cost less then $25k.

I loved all 11 new features, most of them pretty high-tech, but why can’t all cars, like my ancient 97 Chevy Astro van, have window sunshades which will block all possible ways that the sun can flash through to blind you? My lovely high-tech Prius has all kinds of wonderfully engineered features, but I can’t make the *$$!!!% windshield visor cover the rear section of the side window fully–and that’s right where the sun is every morning when I drive into town. A simple piece of sliding plastic would do the trick, but I’m sure Toyota can figure out a way to do it with multiple self-actuating motors or auto-darkening glass. Just, please, do it, even if it’s a $300 option.

Here are the top ten things I’d like to see in a new car (not yet available as far as I know):
1 – A periscope to see above trucks and SUV’s in front and to the side of my Honda Civic (especially useful during traffic jams
2 – Inside windshield wipers (with spray) to clean and wipe off grime that seems to come from who-knows-where
3 – A projected message screen across the back windshield that says things like:
“Tailgating is Dangerous” “Please Turn On Your Lights” “I’m Driving the Speed Limit” "Have A Nice Day"
Other messages (in good taste of course) that may be added by the car’s owner
4 – Much larger and wider rear view mirrors to eliminate all blind spots
5 – A sensor that reads speed limit signs and warns you when you’ve exceeded the limit
6 – A camera on the front bumper that could take a picture of the license plate on the car in front of you (which is doing something illegal or dangerous)
7 – A warning beep on the back (like for hi-lo’s) when the car is in reverse (could be disabled if too annoying)
8 – A dashboard indicator that would tell you how many miles per gallon you’re getting (press button to start measuring up to ten gallons)
9 – Front seats that would swivel to the side to make entries and exits easier
10 – A self-cleaning car that would vacuum floors from suction holes under the dash into a handy removable pouch under the hood.
Tom Czarnik Brighton, Michigan

I would like to see fixable parts, repairs without specialized tools, and less overhead as far as computers etc. that have new 4 cyl cars delivering comparable mileage to old 6 or 8 cylinder engines. I posted it once under my old user name that works no more, but cannot find it.

TCZAR1 Some of these are available 5- my GPS does this. 7- comes on some cars now and can be added. 8- this one has been around on many makes/models 9 - cars in the 60’s thru 70’s had these seats. My Dad had Dodge with this type of seat. It was elc. Some thing went wrong with it and it dump you on the ground.

Me I just want a truck that works like a truck,drives like a truck and get good MPG.

oldbodyman Thanks for the comments. I guess I would like to see auto-makers expand these options to most other models. A couple of other things I would like to see in a new car:
11 – A “find light” on the top of the vehicle that flashes with a beeping sound. Responds to button on key in the event one has difficulty finding your car in a crowded parking lot. (I suppose panic button already serves this purpose, but you have to be fairly close to the car for this to work and it’s very annoying)
12 – Passenger Pedal-power. A modified exercise bike in the passenger seat that would not only provide an aerobics workout but would also charge a battery that could power the lights and radio among other things. (This might be ideal in an electric car when the batteries are running low and no recharge station is nearby.)

3 ) Scrolling messege boards are readily available. ( shopledauthority.com ) You see them in busses and shop windows all over.
Typing in the messege to be displayed would be equally as bad as texting !

4 ) you can buy additional mirrors, even a panoramic one for the center windshield.

5 ) the ‘‘sensor that reads the speed limit sign’’…is your eyes.

6 ) get the camera system the cops already use.

7 ) you can buy a back up alarm at any auto parts place.

8 ) miles per gallon AND miles to empty are already included on both my 06 Hybrid Escape and 08 Expedition. Many other brands have this feature for you already.

9 ) Swivel seats can be added but they’re not cheap. Check out companies that modify for the mobility challenged and handicapped.

Swivel seats? Really? Aside from the legitimately handicapped wouldn’t a gym be a better solution?

Ralph Nader pointed out that people were getting killed because of poor seat-belt design or the lack of them. Originally, arguments against this involved the awkwardness or discomfort of the seat-belt, but now they are whole heartedly accepted. Seat-belts save the lives of the person wearing them and that person only.
Likewise, the one device that should be installed to save more lives is the Alco-Sensor.
Not only is drunk driving responsible for so many deaths that its hard to comprehend, it ruins the lives of people who would otherwise use alternative transportation if given the last moment indication of being intoxicated.
Anyone is capable of consuming too much alcohol before driving. Many people do not intend to consume so much, but they do. With an obvious reminder before turning the key, a large majority will think twice and call a cab or friend, take the train or just wait. Those that don’t deserve the harsh consequences, and perhaps worse, considering they knew full well of their actions after their car told them they were over the limit.

To save other peoples lives BTW.

I’m a die-hard liberal, a true dyed in the wool commie pinko, but mandatory alco sensors are still a little bit on the nanny state side for me. I’m not saying I want to drive drunk, I just think it would suck to have to blow down a straw every time I wanted to start my car.

I think there should be a “uturn” turn signal on the turn signal stalk that would luminate a “u” arrow on the driver side back brake light to warn the next car to back off a bit to allow the driver to execute the uturn. I think it’d be useful if a “u” arrow also illimuninated at the front driver’s side so that cars waiting at the intersecting street would know not to make a right turn since the car is executing a uturn.