Things to make standard

What one or two things would you like to see standard on most automobiles or trucks?-Kevin

I Know We Have One Regular On This Site That Longs For “Standard” Sealed Beam Headlights!

Joseph and many others aren’t sold on the stylish, plastic aero-headlights with all different bulb requirements and “hard to replace” characteristics and foggy lenses.


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I’d Like Standard Service Manuals In The Cars. Doesn’t BMW Or Some Such Outfit Put Them In Their Cars?

How About A Maintenance Log Book That Stays With The Car Like The Ones Aircraft Are Required To Carry?

Cruise Control. I Consider It A Safety Feature.

Once I set it I can concentrate on looking up, not down. Also, once I set it near the legal posted speed, I’m not likely to go too fast. I wouldn’t have a car without it, although I know some folks don’t like it or want it.


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How About Stainless Steel Fasteners In “Key” Areas? I Know It Adds Cost, But It Saves Later On Down The Road.

My Sea-Doo is crawling with them and it doesn’t ever operate in salt water as does my car.


Trailer Wiring Harness Connector On Any Car Capable Of Pulling A Trailer.

Some cars have them, but not all cars.


CSA, you are full of sssstandards! :wink:

Oh, yeah…8-way power seats.

I think ABS is the big one that is not that much more expensive, but makes the car much, much safer. That’s probably the only one I’d say should be mandatory that isn’t.

Personally, I’d like to see LESS standard equipment on some cars.

Common sense. Oops, asking too much once again.


As I age, my standard features wish list grows (more than two) to now include:
power lumbar support, power mirrors (towing), climate control, power door locks and most of all…BETTER GROUND CLEARANCE

I’d like to see a small compressor built in for inflating my tires.

I want the climate control from a 72 Cadillac. There was a wheel where you would set the temperature and forget it. If we can’t have that, how about mechanical heat control? I liked the automatic darkening day/night rear view mirror.

How about having the headlights go on when you turn on the wipers? How about turn signals that go off after 3 minutes?

I agree that the headlights should come on any time the wipers are turned on (not just a quick wipe to clean the windshield, but any time they’re “on,” including intermittent).

But, three minutes? You want people driving around with their turn signals flashing for THREE MINUTES because they’re too inattentive to turn them off? Sorry, I can’t go along with that one.

Turn signals are already self-canceling. The real trick is to get people to turn them ON.

One of my cars has “climate control.” It’s a pain in the ass. No good for short trips; always either too warm or too cold, and VERY hard to control manually. Works better on long trips, but it’s never quite right.

Maybe your '72 Caddy was better.

Give me a heat control knob and manual control over all HVAC functions and I’ll be happy. I don’t even want the AC to come on automatically when I select “defrost.” I know when I need the AC compressor running, and when I don’t, and it bothers me that I can’t decide for myself.

I’m usually more comfortable, temperature-wise, in my car that has manual HVAC controls. I don’t have to waste my time fooling around with the adjustments, trying to defeat the “system” in order to find a comfortable temperature.

You can have “climate control.” Give me “CONTROL.” Please.

Lemme tell ya’ there are some good replies-I’m in favor of the service manuals and the standard sealed beams(even though some of the capsules are sort of standard,one reason I like cruise control-is to control the amount of invitations to the Policemans Ball.You know GPS could really integrate for a lot of things.Uh can you tell me with a straight face that “OnStar” couldn’t shut your engine down?-Kevin

Dagosa, I’m Aging, Too! That’s Interesting. Maybe I Need More Ground Clearance Now Also, But Don’t Know It. How Does It Help With Aging?

Good list, by the way.

warranty that really covers what goes wrong.