10 Colorado Porsche Drivers Caught Going 80+ mph In 40 mph Zone

All 10 stopped for 1 patrol car?

Law enforcement vehicle radar is accurate when approaching opposing vehicles and when following vehicles.
Some radar systems can measure speeds of vehicles approaching a moving law enforcement vehicle from behind.

Here’s the way it works in Maryland:

There is a speed trap capturing speeds of cars as they pass. Farther down the road, there ar officers that step into the road and use hand signals to direct people to pull over. By that point, they probably have a picture of your license plate, so even if you leave the scene, they have you anyway. Expect an even larger ticket for a second violation.


OMG people speeding? What is this world coming to?

So, not everybody in CO is consuming cannabis, doing 20 mph in a 40 mph zone.

They were going 80 in a 160 mph zone.

I need to know where that 160 MPH zone is so I don’t get a ticket for going to slow when I go to Colorado next month.


On I-76 out in theastern plains where there was no traffic and the roadway straight andry I know of an emergencyehicle thattained 130 mph - speedometer. (Dash cam GPS video also read 130)

To paraphrase Claude Rains’ Captain Renault character in Casablanca,
I’m shocked–SHOCKED-- to find that people are speeding on the highway!

And his cousin, who started a car company:
I’m shocked–SHOCKED-- to find that people don’t think our products are the finest made.

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