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$10,000 for 2010 Lincoln MKZ with 30k miles in great condition. Is it a good deal?

Hi all,

I have an offer at $10,000 for 2010 Lincoln MKZ Select with 40k miles in great condition. Located in California. Is it a good deal? Any comment will be very appreciable. Thank you so much in advance.

Not many MKZ’s for sale, so it’s hard to determine a real world price. The base model is selling in Cali for 2k less with a few more miles on it. Not sure what the difference between the base and the select models are in 2010, but there aren’t all that many on the current car. Basically power folding mirrors are standard, and then there are optional goodies like navigation that aren’t available on the base model.

So, 10k is probably fairly close to the mark, but maybe a little high.

That said, there are, it looks like, all of 4 for sale within 500 miles of LA, so they can price it however they want, and if someone really wants one they’ll pay it.

Car in Calif. but are you and how is this listed ? The simple answer is have it inspected by a mechanic and then decide if it worth the price to you. If it is an actual dealer have them run a Carfax ( not perfect but used as a guide for red flags ).

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I thought it is a good deal, but it sounds like maybe not. Your comment is very helpful. Thank you.

Thank you VOLVO_V70. Sure. I will. Thank you for your advice.

I never make an offer on a car or anything else that I haven’t seen in the flesh. If you just saw the car on something like eBay or Craigslist and it isn’t convenient to examine the car, forget about it. As my late father used to say “There will always be cars”.
I had a motorist break down in front of my house in an expensive Mercedes Benz. I am in Indiana and the car was from Florida. She had purchased the car on eBay and had had nothing but problems in the two weeks she had owned the car. Her local mechanic said she had been taken. When she broke down in front of my house, the engine ran but the car wouldn’t move. There was transmission fluid leaking all over the place. Now this problem may just have been a broken line to the transmission cooler-- I really don’t know. The woman admitted she fell in love with the car on eBay from the picture and the car was described in excellent condition. She had been taken.
In another case, I had a colleague that saw an advertisement at a dealer 170 miles away. He called the dealer and the vehicle was described to be in great condition. When he made the trip, he found the vehicle was not in very good shape. He drove 340 miles and wasted a day. I told him he probably drove by quite a few good cars for sale on his trip.

I haven’t heard of a ‘Select’ package on the MKZ. The 2010 Lincoln MKZ brochure doesn’t list it. What options are on the car? Nav? THX audio? My 2011 MKZ hybrid has been a good car. Just know that it’s heavily based on the Ford Fusion. The improvements were worth it to me.

Thank you texases for your comment. You’re right. there is no ‘Select’ It was my fault. I correct the title. I can’t post its VIN number. And it says a Base trim with FWD. I need to find out Nav and THX audio. I thought both options are default. Thank you very much.

Trieday, Thank you so much for your advice. I will be careful. I appreciate it.

@mocs Have you even seen this car ? What kind of ad is it and again I ask are you near the vehicle?

It is on Craigslist , but I will be seeing this weekend for inspection. I can’t describe how much I appreciate your advice.

$10 K seems a reasonable price to me. Everything of course depends on the car’s actual condition, so don’t write any checks until you have your own mechanic put it on a lift & give it a pre-purchase inspection. A faulty wheel bearing or leaky radiator doesn’t cost much to fix. But rust damage can be very expensive to repair. Likewise w/ electrical system problems due to floods or any other form of water intrusion. I presume you already understand that the more gizmos and gadgets a car has, the higher the ongoing maintenance expense. So budget for that ongoing expense too.

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Not too many problems with the 2010 MKZ. The years 2007-08 or when the car was introduced to the market had some interior accessory problems. Get it inspected!

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Once you have a better idea of the condition, you might want to go to and check resale value, both from a dealer or a private party to see if the price is in the ballpark.
But only a competent mechanic can give you an idea of the condition .Also, check and see if any recalls have not been completed.