1 second gain

After installing a chip tuning box on my car I gained 1 second less in test acceleration intervals 50-100kmh and 80-100kmh. It is useful in real life? Worth keeping the tuning box?
To mention that question is not related to car itself, but more on real life cases like overtaking. Will make any difference?

Improved acceleration is generally useful in real world situations until the power becomes so great as to overwhelm the situation, otherwise why bother adding your “chip tuning box” in the first place?

If this is some device that plugs into the power port or into the diagnostic port, they have been proven to be a complete waste of money because they don’t do what they claim.


Okay, you proved gains. If no drivability problems, why consider removing it? Unless your vehicle is under warranty that might be voided.

How much did this 1 second gain cost ? How often does a person need full throttle to pass anyway ? 50 to 100 - if going by the vehicle speedometer I can’t see getting an accurate reading .

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I would like to know some details about this box and how precisely the timing was done.


I hope the OP posts back… this feels like impending spam… but I could be wrong.

If I am wrong, I would like to know the brand of the chip box and how the tests were done.


Along with the make/model/year/miles of the car.

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…and effects on emissions.

Anyone going to start an office pool on whether or not any actual info to back up that claim is going to be provided… :wink:

Not ever being a gambling man I’ll sit it out.

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Sounds pretty terrible. Generally you don’t want to “gain” time in acceleration times. Most people would prefer that their acceleration times go down, as in taking less time.


I also think it is spam and a possible TROLL if we do hear back from him or from his user name a wolf in sheep’s clothing. :poop: :poop:

I doubt Spam . If it was would they not make claims of better performance than 1 second ?


What’s the physics behind 50-100kmh and 80-100kmh each having the same 1 second improvement?

I’m not decided to remove it, just wondering about other experienced drivers opinions about this 1 second gain and based on your feedback it is beneficial

Is not that type of box. It’s about PowerControlX from DTE Systems, it has 3 controlled sensors.
But is not about the tuning box itself :slight_smile: but about other experienced drivers opinions about this 1 second gain. It is beneficial in every day driving?

It’s about Power Control X from DTE Systems. The tool used is a simple GPS application so the timing was not the most accurate, but the difference between default car and tuning box car was reflected in 1 second

in this case, gain = less 1 second :slight_smile:

In my country respective speed intervals are the most used ones in daily driving (mainly for overtaking), so I was interested about gain on those

At what cost for 1 lousy second ? Anything over a dollar is too much .


not spam :slight_smile: for the answers please check above :slight_smile: