1/2 drive 1 3/8" socket

Where do you find one of these?

Sears only goes up to 1 1/4.


Go to a local parts store and ask for a 35mm, 1/2" drive axle nut socket. Same thing.


35mm or 36mm? I have a 30mm and 36 mm axle sockets in my tool box. Never heard of a 35mm.

You can find it at sears.com. I only saw it in 12-point. I didn’t see a 6-point.

You can also get an SK brand 1/2" dr., 1 3/8" socket from Sears online. Click here to see.

If you don’t mind paying twice as much, you can also get that size online from Snap-on and Mac.



You can also find a Stanley large socket set, 1/2" drive at Walmart.

You can buy a 3/4" drive socket and an adapter so you can use the 1/2" drive.