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Tool rental

Autozone does not rent single axle nut sockets now. I needed a 32 mm socket and counter kid said no single sockets and they were out of the 6 point socket set. Thought about buying 1 socket till another salesperson said they had a 12 point set for rent. Would that work? Somehow 6 and 12 point sockets got thrown into discussion. And the 8 socket set is $80. But not a problem if you return it. So, I rent the only set. Next guy comes in and wants 33mm socket. Sorry , the set is out. Some AZ vp needs a kick in the butt.

Try a different auto parts store for rental.

You might try buying the socket at a home products store. Sears might have the socket you want. ACE Hardware also sells Craftsman tools now.

Or plan ahead and order one for $12 on amazon.

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I think the 12 point would work for that size of socket. There was a thread here recently about a socket set the poster purchased, questioned why the larger diameter sockets were 12 point and the smaller were 6. I looked at my own socket set (Craftsman) and it’s the same, the larger diameter sockets are 12 point, smaller 6. It must be more forgiving grabbing the bolt head when the bolt is a larger diameter, not so tightly curved, so 12 point sockets grab hold as well as 6 I guess.

When I had that problem years ago for my old VW Rabbit front axle it didn’t occur to me I could rent a big socket. I believe I purchased a single socket at the local Sears.

Too bad I wasn’t closer. You could have borrowed a 32mm or 1-1/4" socket. Do you have a 1-1/4" to try? It could be a little too snug.


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