0W-16 oil. First time I've seen it

I was in Walmart today purchasing oil for my car when I noticed Mobile 1 0W-16 on the shelf

I have never seen this before. The label said “For select Hondas and Toyotas”.

Which models ask for this oil? I have been using Mobile 1 0W-20 in both of my Hondas with no problem.

And the German Honda buyers just chuckle. And than put in some 0-40

It’s been in use for more than 20 years in Japan.

Boy Howdy…THAT is thinny thin thin…

I noticed the 2019 Toyota Rav4 and Camry call for 0w-16 oil in their 4-cyl engines.

The stuff has been around for years. It’s known as 3-In-1 oil or sewing machine oil.

is that a typo in the oil news link? its not OW-16. its 0W-16

You ought to see the tolerances on Honda engines. They have select colored bearings to bring the main and rod clearances into 0.001 inch range. I am sure that Toyota, not to be outdone, has the same clearances on their engines.