Change in oil weight?

Hi Ladies and gentleman

So today I went to get my car service, and I ask them to switch from Toyota oil to Mobile 1 synthetic oil. I was really happy with the synthetic oil, until I got home and look closely at the receipt, and to my surprise it say Mobile 1 5W-30 synthetic, is this ok or should I bring it back to the dealer? because I know that the owner manual and on the engine cap it say 5W-20. I call the dealership and they say it was ok, really?

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It’s fine to use. However, there might be a cheaper price oil to use. I would ask the tappet brothers.

Model-Year, Make, Model, Engine Size, Approximate Miles On Vehilce ?

Did any previous receipts from conventional oil oil-changes indicate 5w20 being used ?

What does the Owner’s Manual say ? Often 5w20 is recommended (manufacturer’s preferred oil) for fuel economy, but 5w30 is OK. What’s in the manual ? Tell us what is says, please.


The manual of my 2007 Toyota says to use 5W30, but a later bulletin says 5W20 or 0W20 Synthetic is OK. It seems Toyota is also on the mileage bandwagon to meet CAFE standards, and now recommends the thinnest oil that will work in their cars. The newest manuals also say that consumption of 1 quart per 750 miles!!! is “acceptable” since these thin oils get past the rings at higher speeds.

This oil will work just fine in your car, I would personally recommend 0W30 full synthetic if you live in a cold area and have to park outside.

Don’t worry. If you dig in manual you may find 5w30 as acceptable however 5w20 is favorable.