09 Mazda 3 post-recall

I have an 09 Mazda 3 and I just got the power steering replaced because there was a factory recall. That’s all good except now my car drives very differently. It almost feels as though its floating when its turning. When I go into turns the car feels like it wants to keep turning. I don’t know what would cause this and I don’t like it.

Any suggestions?

Bring it back to your dealer, and report the issue.
They might be able to explain why it feels different, or they might be able to adjust the level of power assist, to make it feel tighter.


Maybe what you are experiencing now is the feel that it’s supposed to have and it seems strange because you became acclimated to the non-normal feel you had before.

The Recall states that rust inside a steering line contaminates some sensors and may cause the steering to have a heavy feel and this is what you felt before.

That might be true, I just enjoyed driving it more the other way, it felt more responsive. Not it feels like I have less precise control. I checked and the power steering fluid reservoir is serious overfilled past the MAX line. Could that be causing any of this?

I would not think an overfill would cause this but with electronics involved, who knows.
Is there any way you could talk to the dealer and see if they have a comparable to test drive for comparison purposes?