Mazda 3 Power Steering

Anybody having problems with their Mazda 3 power steering pump motors going out? Mine’s at the dealer now, and has been for a while. What might the cause of the problem be? Anybody heard of a reliable fix?

Year and mileage, please? How long is “a while,” and why has the car been at the dealer for this time? What was the problem and what is the dealer doing to rectify it?

My bad. 2007, 2.3l, 24k miles. Been three weeks. Dealer says may be another two months due to a national parts back-order. Got a free rental, though.

Symptoms were power steering suddenly not working, PS warning light on dash came on, then next time I started the engine, everything was OK.

I guess I want to know if this problem is so widespread that it could create a two-month national parts back-order. I really like the Mazda 3, and want it back before half the summer’s gone.


This is new to me. Never heard of this problem with a Mazda3 before. Too bad about the parts back order. I’ll keep that in mind when I get tempted to buy a Mazda3. Enjoy the free rental.

I have an 07 Mazda 3 2.3L with 43K, never heard of this problem, and never has any issue myself. Only thing I notice about the power steering is that it’ll squeal if I hit a big puddle, while taking a hard right a low speeds, though I was told this is normal. Best of luck!

Sorry to be replying to my own post, but check website, go to the “Technical Section,” then look for the thread “Power Steering Pump Went!”

Looks like there’s a bunch of this going around. Lots of 3’s in the shop with big wait times for parts. Appears corrosion in the PS lines to the rack are causing the PS pump motors to fail. Months before the parts get here.