09 Malibu Exhaust leak

So, I am talking to my mechanic as he’s driiving my car with me to make sure that repairs he made were successful, and he casually mentions, “Oh, by the way, you have an exhaust leak.” I ask him if I need to have that fixed immediately, and he says no. But, after doing some online research, it seems like this is not something I should be driving around with. How can I know how bad the problem is and when to get the problem fixed? The mechanic didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, so I’m confused.

Did he use a Carbon Monoxide detector in order to come to that conclusion?
You might want to ask him that question, and if he says “no”, then you might want to consider a new mechanic.

My suggestion is to place a battery-powered CO detector in the car in order to find out if there is a detectable level of that deadly gas in the car. If it does detect CO, for your sake and the sake of your passengers, get the exhaust leak fixed immediately.

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He did not mention a CO2 detector. He said he noticed it while looking under my car and while driving it.

He also had the window cracked open while he was driving the car. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now I do.

Now, I’m confused.

Since you were right there with the mechanic you should have asked for more specifics, like where the leak is and what stopping the leak would entail.

We can’t see, drive, hear, or inspect your car.
Call the mechanic or better yet, stop by with the car and get more information. Also, ask why it’s not a big deal. Post it here and you will receive more than just the guesses and drivel you’re getting now.

OK, the mechanic noticed an exhaust leak . His shop probably has to order the exhaust parts and does not really want to do it . An independent shop that can bend and replace exhaust on a daily basis can do it quicker and faster. The leak will only get worse so have it repaired soon.

he told me the leak was in the “seam leaking pipe.” Said he didn’t think I needed to get it fixed unless I could smell it while driving, and there is no odor currently. Would cost $200 and to go to an “exhaust shop” to get any needed work done. Sounded like he did not want to fix it either way.

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly, albeit odorless, gas.

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First of all, thanks to all who replied. As I started to almost pass out in my car on the way to work this afternoon, I realized something was very amiss. I rolled the windows down and jetted to the nearest garage, which, thankfully, was on the way to the office. The head mechanic said he couldn’t get me in till Tuesday, but he took a look under the car as I started it, just for curiosity’s sake, and upon seeing the results, immediately agreed to fix it today. It was that bad. But I’m ok, A large portion of the exhaust system had to be replaced–from the catalytic converter on back. I’m glad to be alive, and will not be going back to that old mechanic again. PHEW!

I’m really glad that you quickly decided to take the car to a different–more competent–mechanic.

It would appear that the earlier advice–mine included–was not drivel.