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2006 Honda Civic Sdn - Fumes?

Everytime i turn on heat in my car i feel like passing out like my mouth gets super dry dont know if this is carbon monoxide or exhaust fumes that could be leaking into the car what should i do ? Should i junk the car ? Is this something that can be fixed?

Junk the car - can’t say until a shop looks at it and tells you what is wrong .
Can it be fixed - probably but the cost will be decided by you if it too much to spend on this thing.

Stop driving this just incase you do have a severe exhaust leak .


Have your car checked out but order one of these, hang it in your car. Watch what happens.

If it IS carbon monoxide getting in, stop driving this car until it is fixed.

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Whether it’s CO or not, my recommendation is this:

Drive the car with the windows open as far as the nearest mechanic and no farther. Tell him what’s happening. It’s likely you have an exhaust leak.


Someone I know had this problem with a '99 Chevy Cavalier. They couldn’t identify or fix the problem so she had to dump the car.