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09 Ford Focus help

I have a 09 Ford Focus, this morning I heard a noise that sounded like shaking, something in my back passenger tire. Sounded like something that should be connected and has now come disconnected, rattling around, only when I drive over a bump in the road (ie. manhole, crack in road, pothole) etc. At times it feels as though the car is shifting when a bump is hit.

I think it is the sway bar or stabilizer bar, is that what this sounds like? If this is what it is, is it time sensitive to get replaced? Or can it last a few days?

Thanks for the help

You need to get a mechanic to inspect your suspension right away.
Discussing it over the internet will be pure guesswork.

Could be a broken sway bar link or a bad bushing. First make sure your lug nuts are tight. If they are, it’s probably OK to wait a few days to have it looked at.

This does NOT sound like a sway bar. A sway bar would allow leaning around curves, increased understeer, wind sensitivity, and instability (swaying) on the highway.

This sounds like something ready to come apart. Perhaps a strut tower has rotted free, a strut mount has busted, a ball joint is shot, or something of that nature. I recommend having this towed to a reputable independent shop for a good look-see. Consider this car unsafe to dive until you find out otherwise.