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09 civic noise

My 2009 civic 2878 miles is making a faint noise for the last 100 miles. It sounds like morse code on a telegraph from the drivers side engine area. It can only be heard from 40mph and up while cruising.

This sound can’t be heard with the radio on. Also, the sound frequency doesn’t increase with speed - more acceleration equals same constant sound.

I took it to the dealer. They said they did not hear that sound. The final printout said ‘no sound heard, put on lift and checked for loose suspension parts but no problem and no repairs done’

I noticed the a/c was up all the way when I got back to the car. No way could they possibly have heard anything with the a/c going.

At least I documented the problem for now. What could the problem be? Should I just turn up the radio until something breaks all the way? Thanks.

I have noticed the same thing in my old Civic. In fact, I noticed it the first day I drove it back in January 1999. You have to keep in mind that this car was designed to be light weight and efficient. It was not designed to be quiet. So you can expect to hear noises like this for the life of the car, along with pronounced road noise and engine noise.

If your Civic is like mine, the fuel pump is located below the rear seat, and that is the noise I think you are hearing, although what I hear is too fast to be compared to Morse code. What I hear is more like a light rattling noise, similar to pre-ignition (pinging) but not from the engine.

This could be a wind noise, and not something mechanical. I suggest you keep driving and document your visits to the dealer. It may turn out to be nothing, or at least nothing you can do anything about.

You could try test driving another 2009 Civic and see if it makes a similar noise under similar conditions.

When trying to explain noises to service advisors it’s best to get them in the car with you so they can hear the noise at the same time you do. As you say, if they had the AC turned up or the radio on they didn’t hear it.

While Hondas are definitely very good cars, the fact remains that the most common complaint from owners is the high level of road noise in a Honda. So, what you are hearing could be “normal”, sad to say.

As was suggested, try to do a comparison drive of another Civic of the same model, in order to be able to see for sure.

What you’re hearing could be a solenoid or valve in your emission control system. There are things that start going on only when you’re cruising, like purging the charcoal canister.