09 civic fuel injectors

09 honda civic 7900 mi. I’ve noticed my engine is ‘ticking’ while at idle. I think it’s the injectors or maybe lifters. I use 89 octane gas with 10% ethanol. 87 octane is the minimum octane recommended in the manual. Did I ruin my fuel system by using 89 and ethanol? Is my fuel system damaged because it’s ticking? Thanks.

Your car will run fine on 87 octane, you’re not being ‘nice’ to you car by using higher octane than needed. If the ticking is new/abnormal, take it to the dealer for service. All modern cars can handle 10% ethanol with no problems.

Fuel injectors don’t make a “ticking” noise. The noise is more likely in the valve and systems that actuate the valves. The car should be under warranty so take it to a dealer for an evaluation. It might need a valve adjustment.

Stick with 87 octane fuel, the 89 won’t make the car run better or last longer and is just extra money spent for no gain.