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08 Mercury Sable cutting off after valve cover replacement

I have an 2008 Mercury Sable Premiere with a 148 miles on it. Just got the Valve Cover gasket replaced and new water pump put on. The car is running very smooth as it always done,but now when coming to a stop,it either acts like it wants to cut off or sometimes it just shuts off. When it cuts off I immediately crank it back up and it starts, but why or what could be the problem? It also starts up alittle slower than before and I know its not the battery because that’s brand new. Any opinions???

My best guess from afar is that a vacuum line may not have been re-connected when they put everything back together following the repair work. If the Check Engine light is lit up (even intermittently), you need to get the stored diagnostic trouble codes read, and most auto parts stores will do that–gratis.

When maintenance is performed on vehicle engines…there is a possibility that electrical connections and vacuum lines can be knocked loose or disconnected. If the engine ran normally before this maintenance then the odds are high that something was disturbed. Check all electrical and vacuum connections yourself or by the mechanic that did the work.

The computer may need to relearn how to control the idle and start functions.

You had to remove the coils to pull VC. dont know if intake had to come off to do work. Lots of things to unhook.

I’m confident that if you bring it back to the shop that did the work they’ll go over their work and find and correct the problem at no additional charge. This is extremely likely to be a minor issue and most shops stand behind their work.

Thanks so much guys.