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'08 Civic no-start

Car is out-of-the-nest daughter’s daily drive. Already towed to Trusted Independent Mechanic last night. Just wondering what the cause might be.


Starter does not run; do not even hear solenoid pull in. Do hear fuel pump run.

Multiple attempts at “jump start” do not help. (I did not even get a spark when I connected my cables!) I did not notice headlights dimming when attempting to start.

Dashboard lights (LEDs), interior and headlights look fully bright.

One observer said that “running lights” dimmed when attempting to start.

Daughter reports that a few days ago it took a few tries to get the starter to turn over.

My guess: starter itself (binding?? solenoid??). NOT ign switch or starter relay (if it has one).

What’s your guess?

Bad starter. It can be removed from the car and bench-tested.

My guess is ignition switch, solenoid or the wire to the solenoid.
Running lights observation could be mistaken.
No spark when jumping because the battery is already charged; and won’t draw enough current from the other battery to make a spark.

Shop says it’s the starter. Seeing in my Haynes manual all that is involved in R&I, and considering that I have a few medical restrictions – and firm spousal disapproval – on heavy lifting and exertion, and considering that it’s really HOT outside and that I would have to put the car up on stands and scrunch around underneath it for a few hours… I’m happy to let the shop do it :>)

Thanks for the advice, and for the many other times I have gotten good advice here.