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04 Saturn Vue need help with transmission!

I have a problem that i’m sure thousands of other people have. It involves my Saturn Vue with a CVT transmission. I now know these trans axles are no good. I changed it, with one from a front wheel drive Chevrolet HHR. I now need to know how to make a 2006 HHR transmission work in a 2004 Saturn Vue. It seems like someone has to know how to make it work! PLEASE HELP, otherwise i am sure it is headed for the scrap yard.

These transmissions are electronically controlled by the vehicles computer program.

So the computer may need to be reprogrammed to recognize the replacement transmission.

If that will even work?


Hhr trans? I know the 04 ion trans is a good swap. They cost about $200 at any parts yard. The Saturn forums have lots of info. Have not heard of a hhr swap. The big issue is the Pcm/tcm control. But, u have hhr trans in so its a bit late to go back.

Those junk yard car parts recyclers usually have computer data base information on what parts can be interchanged and which can’t. Have you checked with one of those places yet? If not, that’s probably worth a visit.

I think you will need to use the PCM, TCM and wiring harness from a 2005-2006 Ion with 2.2L 4 speed automatic, if this is even possible. A CVT transmission controler can’t be made to work with a conventional transmission. This sounds like an expensive retrofit.

As the others have intimated, this engine/transmission marriage is not likely to work under any circumstances. If you were dealing with a vehicle in the days before electronic controls, you probably wouldn’t face too many problems with a swap like this, but the reality with which you have to deal is that electronic controls are used for virtually everything nowadays, and these controls must be an exact match for the component that they are controlling.

The Transmission Control Module (TCM) for a Saturn Vue with a CVT is completely different from the TCM for an HHR with a “conventional” automatic transmission. Additionally, the Engine Control Module (ECM) has to be able to communicate with the TCM, and given the reality that the ECMs on those two vehicles are somewhat different, the Vue’s ECM can’t communicate with the HHR’s TCM, and the result is total dysfunction.

To put it in layman’s terms, it is as if you are asking somebody who speaks only Swahili to communicate with somebody who speaks only Mandarin. It just isn’t going to work…

I think that the only possible solution is what was suggested by Nevada, but even that approach may not be successful. All I can say is…good luck!

talked to seller of cvt vue this morning. Their motor has knock. Good trans. Will take $450 for rig. Hmm, I could sell trans for $1000