Automatic transmision thumps when coming to a stop

I have a 06 toyota tacoma 4x4 automatic that thumps like it goes into gear after i come to a stop. it also vibrates at speeds from 0-35 and 35-0. any help what could be wrong?



This is a quote from the forum below - The axle wrap is why you get the drive line clunk… (though it may be mild)… Unless yer joints are bad or yer not lubing shiat up properly… It’s the slip yoke shaft making that noise as the pinion changes angle and then snaps back after the load is released… that’s why it happens when yer coming to a stop and your off the throttle…

Do you perform your own maintenance or have it done? I would start by lubing all the grease fitting on the drive line. This will help if it has not been done, there should be a grease fitting on the slip yoke and both u-joints. Most quick lube places skip this. 90% sure there is a TSB for this year for that concern I will check tomorrow when I am back at work. Tundras and FJ’s have updated drive shafts for this issue.

Toyota has an improved drive shaft see T-SB-0016-13.