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07 lincoln w/3.5l motor humming wen running

wen motor is running im getting a humming noise wen steping on the gas

Diner Man, Do You Have AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) ? Can You Feel Any Vibration Or Are You Only Hearing A Humming Noise In This 3.5L 2007 Lincoln MKZ?


Does The Car Have To Be Moving Or Will It “Hum” While Running And Sitting In One Place ? Does It Do It In “Park” Or Does It Have To Be In “Drive” Or “Reverse” ?


in park in drive in nutral

may be more like a whining noise in sted of humming

351?? Not…Take the serpentine belt off and start it. Noise go away? Spin all the pulleys with your hand until you find the rough one…Before you take the belt off, be sure you can put it back on…

ok thanks i will do that