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07 Grand Caravan Rear hatch noise

Hello all! I recently bought an 07 Dodge Grand Caravan and noticed that when we shut the rear door(trunk? hatch? whatchamacallit?) it makes an incredibly loud noise…almost like a gunshot. It seems as though the back glass is lifting off a bit and then slamming down. Is that something I can fix on my own? Any thoughts at all would be appreciated!

Have you tried this with another door or window open? (to relieve the air pressure)

I have not, but I definitely will. If pressure is the problem, is there a way to fix it without having to open a window every time?

I believe that hatch has gas-charged struts that help hold it open. Perhaps they have become weak and need replacement.

Can you see those struts, one on either side of the hatch, near the top?
If you close the hatch a little (about half way) and let go, will it fall like a rock?

Worn out struts won’t adequately allow for a gentle closing (and they’re dangerous, too).
When they are functioning properly it almost requires pushing the hatch closed against the latch.


I’ll take a look. Thanks for the info!