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07 Commander Hemi - cold start vibration/noise already replaced transfer case motor

Hi - hoping someone will have an idea about this issue because my service tech is stumped and we’re frustrated and wanting to plan a road trip…

my husband and I have an 07 Commander Limited Hemi, purchased new, not driven on a daily basis, has about 22,000 miles

with a cold start (been sitting overnight), there’s a vibration/noise that happens when the vehicle starts to move, either in reverse or forward, seems to possibly start/worsen as you turn (ie. exiting a parking space or our driveway), goes away very quickly and won’t come back unless the vehicle sits for a long time - it feels a little like the ABS is catching - there’s a grinding/hesitating/bumpy feel to the vibration

we’ve driven it to the dealership and it won’t replicate unless it sits for 24 to 48 hours - we drove it in on a Wed. morning and let it sit until Friday morning, then went up and drove it, got it to do this once when the service guy and a tech were in the car (for all of about 5 seconds that time but at least they no longer think we’re crazy) - the tech thought it was the transfer case motor, unplugged it and it didn’t do it so they replaced it and it didn’t do it - we picked it up, drove it home, went to drive it two days later, and same thing happened - the dealership never let it sit long enough to replicate and assumed it was fixed - no change in the issue at all

we took it back and they visually inspected the brake system, checked fittings, etc., then let it sit overnight, didn’t do it, sent it to be detailed, didn’t do it, drove it again and didn’t do it, we picked it up and it sat three days, did it

they ran diagnostic and nothing showed up, there’s never been a check engine light on…it seemed that when it first started, it lasted a couple of seconds (only long enough to wonder if you felt something and then it was gone and wouldn’t do it again that day), then it slowly progressed over months (we sometimes don’t even drive it in a week, especially this winter) - it started lasting the first 1/4 mile or so driven so we worried it was something progressing to a serious issue and finally took it to the dealership and have been fighting it ever since - heat of the summer may have lessened it because while it’s been hotter out, it lasts a few seconds instead of the first minute or two it seemed to be lasting while it was cooler out but I recently parked it on a very hot day at work on an upward incline (about 25-30 degree incline) and when I left for lunch (usually not sitting long enough to duplicate) it did it as I rolled down and turned to exit my parking space and continued for the 1/4 to 1/2 mile that day

we’re unsure about what the issue may be - anyone else experienced this?