Odd vibration in my 05 Sebring

So, I have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring with 60k miles and automatic transmission that is making a vibration when we drive down the road. It started 2 days ago. The vibration begins between 5 and 10 mph and will persist until the car comes to a complete stop. The vibration is much like if you are driving on blunted rumble bars; the faster you go the higher the frequency of the vibration (inversely, the slower you go the lower the frequency of the vibration.) If I were to make a guess, I would say that for every turn of the wheel there are 20 oscillations that make up the vibration. It does not produce a loud noise but it is definitely noticeable and gets louder with increasing speeds. The vibration is best felt on the front floor boards all the way across the driver and passenger?s feet. It is not felt in the steering wheel, seats, or anywhere in the back. The vibration does not change with the shifting of the transmission, the rpm?s of the engine, or when turning. It is present and equal in quality when in reverse. It is not heard if you are standing outside the car when it drives by. I have not noticed any leaks and all fluid level have remained unchanged. I wave ruled out ice pack from any snow. I don?t think I hit anything while driving the car prior to this vibration starting and there is no obvious damage to the undercarriage of the car.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Brent

Tires could be out of balance. Even a slight chunck of ice or dirt can cause the balance to go out, and can create speed-related vibrations, similar to what you’re experiencing. When vibrating, does the steering shake a bit as well?

Another thought could be a flat spot on the tire. Have you locked your brakes up recently and maybe skidded a bit? Or, is it very cold where you live? A cold tire sitting all night can develop flat spots, however, these flat spots usually go away after a few minutes of driving.

You could have a tire with tread separation. This is potentially dangerous, and should be checked ASAP.

doesn’t sound like tire problems to me, the rate is too high. Although you should definitely check the tires. What happens if the car is coasting in neutral? this is a FWD. Try a front-back tire swap.

If it’s not the tires, it has to be in the front drive line. CV joints, etc. You can put it on a lift and let the motor run and spin the wheels and look for something vibrating.

I live in Kansas City so it’s cold but not frigid. I have ‘washed’ the undercarriage with hot water extensively and inspected it and found nothing. The vibration did not change after the ‘wash’. The steering wheel does not shake even with turning. I have examined the tires and have found no visible defects. They were rotated about 7k miles ago and have approximately 5-7k of tread left. I agree with Mr. Russell and don’t think it is my tires. There is no change when the car is placed in neutral, even with revving the engine. Like I mentioned above, there is no change with turning so I think the CV joints are OKay. I will lift the front tomorrow and let you know the results. Thank you all for the advice.